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Social Media Marketing is the art of telling your company’s story. It should be compelling and focus on ONE thing you do better than anyone else.  This avenue when paired with a strategy is designed to bring people into your sales funnel in a fun, engaging manner. The more fun and engaging it is, the stronger the strategy needs to be to keep your community thriving.

Creating community means thinking “PEOPLE” first
Very often marketers are asking the wrong questions when they develop a social media strategy. We develop strategies after we review your platforms, audience insights, reviews, key phrases and more. Next, we discover what you want to achieve with social media. Yes, we know it’s to generate more sales but social media has different paths to get there. We’ll present you the best strategy on how to do that based upon goals including what platforms are best and how to find your “social media voice.” Before you know it, all our research means a strong foundation for your online community.

We build content strategies around “Affection Points”
Deeper relations between brands and their customers develop around affection for the goods or services. This has proven to be what drives brand loyalty. Unfortunately, most companies are using social media as another place to push their brand message with a picture or call-to-action. That doesn’t grow community but building on Affection Points does. Let social media do what it’s suited to do and that’s to allow brands to connect with customers on a more personal and deeper level. The content we create for our clients are built around the Affections Points so what is said resonates through your community and encourages others to join.

Comprehending the value of social media marketing & strategies
We believe that social media deserves a place in every businesses marketing strategy. There is no refuting that statement when you see an entire population staring at their screens. It can drive measurable results for your business. There is no denying  the power of social media and its effects on driving business, brand awareness and revenue. Business owner who are frustrated with the lack luster perfmance of their traditional marketing efforts need to include social media. One thing you will hear about nurturing a social media presence and it’s true, it takes time on every level, but worth every second invested. A good social media campaign will develop your audience into your brand ambassadors” and nothing drives a business like word of mouth.

We’re skilled in the most popular community building platforms including









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