12 Blogging Tips for Business

12 Tips for Successful Business Blogging

1.      Post with consistency
There are no rules as to when to post, just do it with consistency. If you post every day, every other day or weekly, the important thing web crawlers favor and it is consistency.

2.      Content is KING.
Post relevant, useful and valuable information.
The more useful the info, the more readers you’ll start to attract which means a bigger chance at a consistent fan base.

3.      It’s OK to ask for comments.
The key word here is ENGAGEMENT. Invite readers in to share their ideas and when they do, respond! You’ve got 24, that’s part of best practices for blog management.

4.      Keep a Focus; but be willing to deviate
Be clear with your message but too much info is a turn off. Keep it simple with bullet points, Top 10 Lists, and always work the headline.

5.      Don’t make sign up complicated
Attract more people, offer options like an RSS feed or some free content available to members only.

6.      Promote & Share. Promote & Share.
Not all your readers will catch every post unless you remind them that your blog exists.

7.      Keep it FRESH
Mix it up, add a video, add a shorter follower up post, add some fun aspects just to generate a smile. This is, after all, SOCIAL media…encourage interaction.

8.      Your Point of View has to be front and center
Controversy can be a good thing to get your blog on the map. Don’t be afraid of commenting on hot topics in your industry. This PoV always inspires people to voice their opinion.

9.      Edit & Proof
No one wants to see errors. Run your posts through spell check. Then re-read for content and remove excess words.

10.   Make it EZ to read.
The easier it is to read, the more engaging it becomes. It also makes it easier to read on a smartphone, too.

11.   Give them a bit of an insight on YOU at some point.
Whether it’s a bit of an insight on you or your company, it’s about connecting. People do that when they FEEL something. Don’t be afraid to let the “human side” show.

12.   Keep it going.
It’s a marathon to commit to blogging. It drives your SEO efforts and bonds you with clients.
Write several at a clip and keep it to under 600 words.

Those are some pretty good tips to help you get going with your blog.

If you need help to start a blog, call us at 609-752-4322. We’ll help you get going with a fresh blog or can redesign your current one. We’re here to help.

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