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ASM Communicates is a central New Jersey based marketing firm specializing Social Media Marketing. We know how to get our clients active on social media and reap its rewards.  Marketing is different now and we’ve got the mad skills to get them looking your way again and it includes social media….it’s all about the social media!

You’ll benefit from our 6-Step Social Media Activation Strategy, how we approach your social media, design your easy to follow strategy and provide you with proper support.

Social media is about community and we build  yours from the ground up. It’s on solid ground when  “engagement” happens so they can naturally follow our strategy to your goal whether it’s more likes, leads or customers.

There’s a whole strategy to social media marketing and this is where specialize happens. We also know the traditional marketing routes, too, don’t worry. More importantly, we know how to blend the two into a powerful marketing tool.

So, if you get confused by #HashTagDoesWhatAgain, lost at the site of @WhyIsThisBlueWhenIType and think a THUMBS UP or a SHARE is what it’s about, we need to talk.

Call or text us at 609-752-4322. Yes, phones still rule for communications!

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