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It’s not just what you say anymore.
But how you say and deliver it.
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Central Jersey Marketing is NOT for the weak!

If you agree with us, we’re on the same page.
We’re CNJ savvy & know how to connect.
We create strategies that work.

We represent all types of businesses with all types of marketing needs. From creating marketing strategies to designing web sites to creating the buzz you need. We do it all. Now, how can we help you?

What we can do for you.

People love to share their experience and release their inner-critic. So, we have to ask if you’re harnessing this power? Your total involvement with your brand is VITAL in today’s digital world. We’ve got solutions to keep you in the know of what is being said.

People Talk. That’s the goal.

You know the challenges that come with advertising and marketing. Stop feeling frustrated, bring us in and let’s talk total marketing support relief.

Put us on your To-Do List.

What We Offer

We offer top rate marketing services to help you compete against some pretty sharp competitor’s advertising. We’re sensitive to budgets and always find a way to exceed expectations.

You want an agency who understands and knows your business and goals. This includes strategies that are budget-realistic, superbly creative and managed by experienced professionals. You also want an agency confident in marketing in Central Jersey.

Central Jersey is a mixed bag of where its boundaries start and finish. What part of Central Jersey is New York focused and where does the Philly influence start? If you’re in Middlesex or Mercer County, this gets more confusing due to proximity. The leadership here is CNJ born and bred. And that means a lot when planning a client’s marketing strategy and helps to stay within budget. Call us in for a free consultation and lets talk marketing, Central Jersey style.

What we do

Digital Marketing

It’s more than a website these days. How does your site transition from desktop to mobile device? It’s more than Facebook. It’s Pintrist and Twitter and YouTube and LinkedIn and much more! It’s about connecting with a text message, QR Code, tag or thumbs up.
So….how’s fertile is your digital strategy?

Traditional Advertising and Marketing

Traditional sounds so old fashioned and still has its place. Radio, TV, Direct Mail, Reward Programs, Flyers, and yes, even newspaper. We’ll show you to make it interactive and interesting for your audience.
Traditional can support cutting edge 😉

Event Marketing

Create buzz at your business and hold a live event. Burger eating contests, celebrity parties, book signings, pet adoptions, carnivals and more. Fun events get people talking and even gets mentioned in the press or makes its way to TV. Talk to us about our event solutions and let’s get people talking!

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