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Marketing has more gears than ever. Miss one and you lose an audience. We have the talent to bring the traditional and social media together smoothly. We don’t forget any gears. There are probably some rusted ones and we deal with those, too.

Keeping Gears Turning

With the Tactical Wheel in place, social media marketing is a smooth spin.
This is simply Building Community – Listening – Broadcasting Compelling Content – Engaging – Converting. This can lead to turning “converts” into your brand ambassadors and you into a thought leader, a trusted pro’s online reputation poised to be the go-to-brand and increased sales.

The Tactical Wheel

Let’s make sure your social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are optimized, the right social media voice is identified and key phrases are utilize. Our check list reviews your accounts, key phrase analysis, engagement, lists, and more. Let’s get your social efforts healthy and productive.

Social Media Platform Check-Up

What We Offer

We offer a well-defined, strategic process which aligns audiences, objectives, and tactics in a way that achieves specific, measurable results to bring people into your “digital-realm.” There is a rhyme and reason to social media strategies. It’s not just posting pictures and tweeting discounts, it’s about tapping into it’s real power and we know how to do it.

This service works collaboratively with your in-house team to develop an overarching strategy plan up front. We work well with businesses of all sizes and industries, brand managers, marketers, PR and in-house social media teams. We even partner with other agencies. Thanks to our affordable pricing, we’re here to empower the local businesses and get them on their way to conquering the new and established, dynamic world of social media.

We use a solid methodized strategy to build your social media community. This does take time and doesn’t happen overnight. While doing this, we immerse ourselves in your brand’s channels to engage potential and current customers. A goal is to create “brand activists.” You’ve found the one-stop shop for creating lively social media communities through content strategy and creation, monitoring platforms and engaging the audience.

What we do

The press photographing our Burger Eating Contest.


Ten years ago, we recognized cell phones & social media had the potential to fundamentally change the way brands communicate with their customers and prospects. What started out as “Cellvertise,” an agency delivering mobile and traditional marketing solutions has evolved into the current generation of digital marketing.  Times are changing again thanks to social media, Wi-Fi connectivity and smart phones and we’re there. 100% of our time is providing services which help clients engage their customers in two-way conversations online and building their community. This shift in our primary services includes becoming nationally certified in social media marketing, strategies and solutions. We are persistent in keeping on top of marketing trends and its technical evolvement through numerous & continuous education so our clients don’t have to .

Traditional Advertising and Marketing

Traditional sounds so old fashioned but still has its place. Radio, TV, Direct Mail, Brochures, and yes, even Newspaper is still good for branding. We’ve been around since 2007 and we’re familiar with media buying, print marketing, and even local branding with coffee sleeve holders. Advertising and marketing is in our DNA. We know how to knit the traditional and the digital together while making sure the budget isn’t broken. We are a well rounded agency ready to jump in where you need one.

Promotional and Event Marketing

We love what we do and that’s building interest around your business and nothing gets the blood pumping faster than a great, promotional event. We’ve brought together celebrities for some events, held burger eating contests for others and even put together a burger cook-off event that drew over 3,000 people.  Yes, the media and press attention was terrific. If that isn’t your thing, we’ll generate interest with social media promotions and contests.

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